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(Upgrade for version 3.3)

Requirements for upgrading from version 3.3 to version 3.4

Plant Signals

The essential plant signals are:

Reliable MW and MVAR signals are now essential. The hardware for version 3.3 provides terminal blocks for 0 - 5 V inputs for these signals. For the MVAR signals, a + 5 V range is acceptable. The field current signal on some installations must be replaced by a MVAR signal. The RSTM Reference Manual (section 5) for v3.3 details the terminal block numbers to be used in the Terminal Connection Box (TCB) supplied with the original equipment.

The ‘shaft marker' is usually available from the shaft vibration measurement system, but a signal derived from the generator terminal voltage may be used. A reliable signal is needed to distinguish one pole from the next, otherwise any shorted turn reports can appear to move from one pole to the next for v3.3, and appear on more than one pole for the same coil in v3.4.

Configuration Data Files

Several of the configuration data files (the files stored in the directory, c:\data of the PC hard disc) need to be updated for the upgrade to v3.4. The upgrade includes the revision of all files as needed. Existing files may be sent to Siemens on floppy discs or as an e-mail attachment, in compressed form.)

The Supervisory Program

The features of the revised Supervisory Program are illustrated by the screens of information which are presented to the operator. Most of these are shown in the DEMO.

Upgrade - Scope of Supply

  1. Version 3.4 of the Supervisory Program, rotsho2.exe*.
  2. Complete set of revised configuration data files, required for version 3.4*.
  3. Sections from the RSTM Reference Manual for v3.4:
    • Section 3 - Operational Procedures
    • Section 4 - Fault Detection and Rectification
    • Appendix F - Program and Data File Descriptions
  4. Software Licence for 2 or 4 generator units.
  5. Rotor Shorted Turn Monitor - Data Requirements Documentation (a document which summarises the customer's data after revision).

*Items 1 and 2 are supplied on floppy discs with instructions for installation on the customer's PC.

The upgrade from version 3.3 to 3.4 is no longer available. The infomation on these pages is provided for users of version 3.4 of the Siemens RSTM worldwide.



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