The following links are to the three 'galleries' of photographs of people who worked at Parsons Heaton Works at some time: -
Gallery 1 - Gallery 2 - Gallery 3
All the photographs were written to a CD several years ago and copies given to a small group of former employees with an appeal to them that they help identify some of the many people that had not been listed in an associated plain text file. The CD was later updated with 'Bob's Bonus' that included lots of music - this is not included in this website version as it takes up a lot of website space and might be also a breach of copyright if it were. The CD included a simple guide to its use - see here! (Bob's Bonus was added for Bob Hindmarsh when he achieved 45 years of labour with Parsons plus Siemens.)

RS 16 December 2011
More photographs have been added in December 2014. These are of machine tools (including the gantry mill, subsequently sold to China) and the visit of a delegation from the Electrosila factory in Leningrad (now renamed St. Petersburg).
Machine Tools - Electrosila Visit
RS 15 December 2014
More photographs have been added in March 2016. These are of Parsons TDO and a Retirement Party (circa 1986) at the Comrades Club, Chillingham Arms (Photos 1-24) and of Brian McDonnells Retirement Party in the Rose and Crown, Newcastle City Centre in 1999 (Photos 25-38)
(The photographs and a list of names were suppied by John Envy. Float muse cursor over each thumbnail to get photo number, and over large photos to reveal names.)
Turbine Drawing Ofiice Staff Plus
RS 16 March 2016

More photographs have been added in December 2020. These were provided by Ian Miller # who worked at Parsons from an apprentice in 1946 until 1980, both in the Electrical Drawing Office and as an estimator. Ian has written down many of the names of people on the backs of the photographs and these have been scanned into 30 images (a few with more than one photograph). The set of photographs are best viewed using a PC but can also be viewed using touch screen devices. Opening the link below will provide a set of 30 thumbnail images. Each one can be opened to a large size and faces in the photographic images have been numbered (and named, if known). This information can be revealed by 'floating' a mouse cursor over a face and 'hovering' it for a second or so.

# Ian's father, A P (Pat) Miller also worked at Parsons and was the author of a number of patents.

For touch screen devices the equivalent process to 'floating' and 'hovering' is to expand an image so that a face is clearly seen, and then to place and hold a finger on a face. This should open a small window with the number/name at the top. (This technique is known to work with Chrome and Edge browsers on an Android device but can't be certain for all versions of Android or any other touch screen devices !)
Electrical Drawing Office  Plus
RS 03 December 2020

During the 1960s there was a rapid growth in the size of turbo-generator units. The four documents below record how this was achieved for generators by water cooling of the stator windings, increase in the pressure of gas coolant, and other features including excitation systems. These are described in the form of a patent filed by A P Miller, three papers by W D Horsley, Phil Richardson and Bob Hawley and were selected from a batch of printed documents kindly loaned to me by Ian Miller. To view the documents (all in PDF) simply click/tap on the relevant image. (NB The documents with photographs are fairly large - up to 15Mb.)
RS 22 December 2020