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Saint Joan Play Review

At last year's reunion I was able to find the review, by Ron Delderfield, in an Exmothiensis magazine, of the 1957 school performance of St. Joan. I have added it here to the bottom of the page about the play.

In an emailed message circulated on 10 October, 2019 I included some information about the two Delderfield authors, Ron and Eric and repeat it here for others who were not on my mailing list:-

R F Delderfield  was once editor of the Exmouth Chronicle and wrote many works of fiction.
Eric R Delderfield, an elder brother, who outlived Ron, wrote books about Devon local history including "The Raleigh Country", "The Lynmouth Flood Disaster" and "Devon and Cornwall (Warnes 'Observer' Series).

(RS 23 May 2020)

Exmouth Webcams

Access to 2 Exmouth webcams are now possible via this link. The seafront webcam that is adjustable in direction and zoom is mounted on the cafe opposite the Octogon; the camera overlooking the Strand is now accessible following a long spell seeking a new location. There is also a new, adjustable camera on Topsham quayside.

(RS 30 November 2018)

EGS Reunion 2018 and More Old Photographs

Details and a form for the forthcoming reunion event to be held on 5 October, 2018 can be downloaded here as a Word document and here in PDF. Many thanks are again due to the organisers, David West and Elaine Bagnall.

Photographs of the 1959 Xmas fete and of the cast of the 1957 performance of St. Joan have been provided by Aileen Walton. See both pages for sight of these and the requests for names of the pupils. (St. Joan newspaper cutting added 17 December, 2018.)

(RS 6 September 2018)

More Old School Photographs

A couple of photographs received from Maurice Southwell via Martin Skinner, plus one from Barbara Down added 28 October, 2018.

(RS 24 March 2018)

East Devon District Council - Queens Drive Plans - Watersports Centre - Consultation & Planning Application

The page provides links to EDDC's planning applications and a high resolution illustration of the area of Queens Drive involved. The page also provides links (at the top of the page) to the consultation, and extracts from the planning application, for the Watersports Centre proposed by Grenadier Estates (a company based in Exeter)

(RS 24 March 2018)

EGS Reunion 2017

Details and a form for the forthcoming reunion event to be held on 6 October, 2017 can be downloaded here as a Word document. Many thanks are again due to the organisers, David West and Elaine Bagnall.

(RS 19 August 2017)


Exmouth Grammar School Report

This file in PDF is my school report for the first 5 years (until age 16).

(RS 12 March 2017)

Withycombe Rugby Football Club

Photograph of the team for season 1959/60 with several former EGS pupils. The photo was shared by Dot Luxon via Chris Newman's Facebook page.

(RS 8 January 2017)

Old School Photographs                                                                     

At the recent EGS Reunion I met Pat Edwards whose father was the teacher, "Johnny" Walker. She kindly offered me some old photographs and I have uploaded all of these to a separate page (open by clicking on the title of this note).

In her note to me Pat mentions that, up to 1929, there was a teacher, a Miss Rafter, who later became Pat's mother after her marriage to Mr Walker in 1931. She had to leave the school because married women were not allowed to work then! Miss Rafter, who taught the 1st year mixed class when she joined the school in 1922, and Miss (Dorothy) Morgan were at one time pupils at Colston School in Bristol.

Pat tells me that her dad was in France for most of the 1st World War fromJuly 1915 to 1918 and then completed his degree at Birmingham University in 1921.

(RS 3 November 2016)

Old Exmothians Website

The site is undergoing modifications with a view to making it more easily accessible to those who view it using touchscreen devices.

(RS 8 September 2016)

EGS Reunion 2016

Details and a form for the forthcoming reunion event to be held on 7 October, 2016 can be downloaded here as a Word document. Many thanks are due to the organisers, Dave West and Elaine Bagnall.

(RS 20 August 2016)

Littleham Chirch of England Primary School Photographs

Four photographs of pupils at the school from about 1948 to 1955 have ben retrieved from various sources and presented on this web site. A few of the pupils passed the 11-plus exam despite the poor standard of teaching at the school then. Some defected to better primary schools before going on to Exmouth Grammar School.

There are quite a few names still missing but somebody might know who they are/were. If so, contact me at the email address on the "home" page.

(RS 18 May 2016)

1934 School Photo

From an email received today from (J M) Kent Tucker: -

"Attached is a digital copy of the centre of the Exmouth Grammar School photo for 1934 which might be of interest. I have the original in good condition. The male staff in the third row are:- Mr Heath, Mr Walker, Mr Bamphylde, Mr Visick, Mr Earp, Mr Civil and Mr D'Arcy Hughes. I think but am not sure that I am the little boy in the bottom right hand corner. I cannot remember what I looked like 80 years ago (I was 6 years old then and at the prep (school) run by Mrs Heath)"

You should also be able to spot Connie Timms among the female staff. Click on photo below for high resolution version.

(RS 21 September 2015)

EGS Reunion 2015 & Weather Radar (for the SW of England)

Another year has flashed by! I have received a newsletter giving all the information about this year's EGS Reunion on 2nd October - see downloadable copy in PDF (portable document format) of the letter from Dave West/ Elaine Bagnall.

Those of you who live in the SW of England might like to see the animated weather radar display provided by the Met Office. It is usful for seeing where the bad weather is coming from - visit the Met Office Weather Radar site. Below is a screenshot of that for 8.30 am this morning!

(RS 10 August 2015)


"Deeds Not Words" Concert and EGS Reunion

Chris Newman has advised me of a concert/social evening with a 60's theme in Exmouth on 8 April, 2015. It has been organised with the help of Old Exmothians but is not exclusively for people who went to EGS. It will take place in the GWRSA (Railway Club) not far from the Imperial Road car park. Tickets for 10.00 can be obtained from Elaine Bagnall, Bougham Farm, Timberscombe, Minehead, TA24 7UM. Telephone and email contact details can be found in the letter about last year's re-union event in the notebook entry below, dated 18 August, 2014. Profits from a raffle etc. at the event will be donated to Exmouth and Lympstone Hospice Care. (Time of event to be added!)

The next EGS Reunion will take place on Friday, 2nd October - so mark it in your diary!

(RS 25 February 2015)

1954 School Photograph

The 1954 school photograph that was suppiied to me 10 years ago by David Griffiths (thank you David!) has been added earlier today. There are no names of the pupils on the 8 parts at the moment as it is very hard work for me to add them. I am looking into a way that might make it easier but please take into account that I have photographs for 1952, 1954, 1956, 1958 and 1960 and (believe it or not) the same pupils feature on more than one of them!

Some of the features of this website rely on JAVA applets and nowadays unsigned JAVA applets are being blocked due to security risks. I am looking at ways of overcoming the problem that is made worse by viewers who do not have JAVA installed on their devices.

(RS 16 February 2015)

EGS Reunion 3 October 2014 at the Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth

Details of this year's reunion event are given in the downloadable copy of a letter from David West/Elaine Johns, received recently via email. This year it is to be held on the evening of Friday, 3 October at the Royal Beacon Hotel and follows the very enjoyable "60th Anniversary" event last year (see 27 June 2014 note). The letter includes a brief account of a visit to the old school and the charity event held in March 2014 (see note 19 January 2014).

Please use the form at the bottom of the letter to book a buffet meal or provide the necessary details requested via email as soon as possible.

(RS 18 August 2014)

Photographs from the 2013 Reunion - "60th Anniversary"

The 13 photographs selected from the many taken at last year's "60th Anniversary" reunion (4 October 2013) have now been annotated with names of those featured in them. Thanks to the hard work with many exchanges of email messages with Elaine Johns. Many of the people who attended started at EGS in 1953, hence the reference to the "60th Anniversary". Surnames as may be remembered from schooldays have been used throughout. Of particular interest is photograph 9 of most of the 1957/58 1st XI school hockey team.

I have used the technique of "float cursor over face for name" to aid identification of those in photograph 11. I have retained the fairly high resolution of the photographs so you may find it necessary to zoom out to see the whole on your monitors.

(RS 27 June 2014)

Names and Photos for 1958

David Ellis has kindly hacked into the 1958 school photographs and created a page listing all the names of those identified with 'pop-up' photos. Here is a direct link to it - there is also a link from the home page. (If the pop-up window shows more than one person - the person is top - left!)

David was at EGS from 1953 to 1960. He moved to the USA in the 1970s after studying at Brighton College of Technology and Sussex University. He was a microwave engineer and later moved on to computer simulation work.

(RS 21 June 2014)

Exmothiensis - the School Magazine

Keith Sandland, who atended EGS from 1947 to 1951, contacted me by email earlier this month and subsequently sent me two Exmothiensis magazines; one for the Summer term, 1950 and another for the Spring term, 1951. Selected extracts from both of these have been added to the others that are linked from the home page of the Old Exmothians website. Both extracts include reports on contemporary Old Exmothians' Reunions but I found that for a talk by a Mr Strickland, with the heading, "Notes on Nigeria" a fine example of what would now be condemned as politically incorrect if not racist! (See extract from Summer term, 1950.)

Keith was a speedy athlete as well as wing threequarter in the Spartans' "rugger" team, as was his friend, (Derek John) Fairweather with whom he lost touch after National Service. One of his EGS girlfriends was Veronica Maunder. She is featured in the photograph of the tennis team and also mentioned below, Keith's response to my request for autobiographical notes!

"At the end of World War II, I went to live with my father in Exmouth. He was then living in Pound Street and running a taxi firm called Cross Taxis. I was transferred from Maltby Grammar School in Yorkshire, to Exmouth Grammar School in 1947. The change was quite dramatic as the two schools' syllabi did not coincide. For example History in Maltby was about the ancient Greeks and Romans whereas in Exmouth they were learning about the Middle Ages with Miss Barnes. The changes affected my schooling so much that I had to re-take one year - much to my embarrassment!

The contemporary teachers listed in 'Notebook' were all well known to me. 'Benny' Goodman, our Maths teacher, once sent me for corporal punishment to the headmaster, D'Arcy Hughes. I did wait for a while outside his study but eventually made my way back to class and pretended I had received "3 of the best" - I don't think Benny ever found out.

One teacher I have not seen mentioned was Mr Darcy (I think) who taught French and was a particularly good shot with a piece of chalk at anyone who wasn't paying attention! To earn a bit of pocket money, I took a job as bicycle delivery boy working for Mr Denning who had a provisions shop in South Street (it is now a shop called "Stitches"). In my early teens, my romantic interest was shared with Veronica Maunder at EGS and others in town namely Heather Middlewick, Christine Penaluna and Mary Beale, the latter being shared from time to time with an EGS boy called Geoff Axon who was a wizard at football. Besides my school athletics/rugby partner, Derek Fairweather, another good friend was Fred Sussenbach whose father ran a public house (now called "Famous Old Barrell", in Union Street). When he finished school, he went to further education at Rugby and eventually, I believe, left for the American continent. When my schooldays were over, I moved up to the London area where I ended up working for British Telecom, becoming a manager in the International Service. I retired in 1991 with a worthwhile pension which now, in my 80th year, sees me enjoying bowls, singing in a male voice choir, travel and voluntary work. Exmothiensis brings back a host of memories to me and I thank you sincerely for the chance to see again half-forgotten details of my happy youth."

(RS 31 March 2014)

Charity Evening at Exmouth Community College

Details of this forthcoming event on the 19 March 2014 can be found in this invitation provided by Chris Newman. Tickets are available from Mike England and John Lucas whose contact details are contained in the invitation. (For Exmouth residents and the surrounding district you may be able to obtain tickets from the BHF shop in the Magnolia Centre and the Multiple Sclerosis shops in Exmouth. It would be advisable to give John or Mike a ring first).

Note that the location for the event is the Main Hall on the Green Close site.

(RS 19 January 2014)

EGS Reunion 4 October 2013 at the Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth

Details of the forthcoming reunion event are given in the downloadable copy of a letter from David West/Elaine Johns, received via email on my return from a holiday overseas a few days ago. This year it is to be held on the evening of Friday, 4 October at the Royal Beacon Hotel. Please use the form at the bottom of the letter to book a buffet meal or provide the necessary details requested via email as soon as possible.

(RS 19 September 2013)

Memories of Otterton and Exmouth Grammar School

I received an email message from a John Clements in March, earlier this year. John attended Exmouth Grammar School (EGS) during the years 1940 to 1945, when he lived in Otterton as an evacuee. This was of particular interest to me as my father's family lived in Otterton and some of the names of people/families that John has mentioned in further correspondence are familiar to me. They may also be familiar to former pupils who have/had family connections with Otteron - so read on!

John also wrote more notes for his son prior to his visit to Otterton (added 28 November 2017)

Also recommended is the Otterton website, which confirms it still has a thriving community! The website currently includes some short videos of how the brook along Fore Street coped with the recent torrential rain.

(RS 22 August 2012)

Strand Webcam

After a long period with of no show the Strand Webcam has not reappeared. The interactive Exmouth Seafront webcam is still on air. Below is a high resolution shot of the Diamond Jubilee event held on the Strand on 4 June 2012 (and a rollover night scene of 6 October 2011).

(RS 4 June 2012)

EGS Reunion 1 October 2011

Details of the forthcoming reunion event are given in the downloadable copy of a letter from David West, received earlier today via email. Use the form at the bottom to book a buffet meal. David's letter also includes his contact details.

(RS 14 September 2011)

Pop Music from the 1950s/1960s

I have compiled a list of pop music from the 1950s and 1960s so that visitors can show their grand children that they had an undeveloped musical taste too! All the listed items link to the You Tube website where there is an abundance of alternative versions. I have tried to choose those that have the best sound quality. The list can be found via the MORE link at the bottom left of the home page.

(RS 25 April 2011)

School Photos Update

Elaine Johns has provided a lot of names for the 1956 and 1958 school photographs. In all, I've had to edit 23 pages!

Stan Anniss has sent 3 photos of the boys' athletic teams. These can be found via link on MORE from the home page. This gives a list with photos of me 'After Rembrandt' (see entry 14 September 2008).

My only claim to fame when at EGS was that I was top of the form in 1A at the end of the year - here's proof! The form prize was 10 shillings and I bought 2 books - the 'Observer Book of Birds' and the 'Observer Book of Ships'.

Here is a photo of Exmouth seafront taken during a visit in Ocober 2010 - and this is what the Strand used to look like!

(RS 10 October 2010)

EGS Reunion 2 October 2010

Details of the forthcoming reunion event are given in the downloadable copy of a letter from David West, received yesterday. Use the form at the bottom to book a buffet meal. David's letter also includes his contact details.

(RS 5 September 2010)

Exmouth Webcams

Former pupils now living away from Exmouth may be interested to view Exmouth seafront and the Strand in the town centre via the webcams there.

The seafront webcam is situated near the Pavilion and can be controlled by viewers. It is a live feed, broadcasting at 20+ frames/second. The Strand has been re-designed to make it more friendly to pedestrians and work is currently underway. The Strand webcam view is fixed and updated approximately every second. A high resolution shot can be captured and the webpage provides links to the plan for the Strand redevelopment and to the regeneration "Master Plan"! (The webcam in on air intermittently, probably due to ongoing construction work.)

(RS 16 August 2010)

Record of Interview by Hayley Uphill, November 2004

Hayley Uphill attended Exmouth Community College from 1995 to 2000 and carried out a telephone interview with me when she was studying journalism in Bristol. It may be of interest to others who attended EGS and who have different memories.

(RS 16 August 2010)

Exmouth Grammar School Reunion Website

As explained in the letter from Dave West (see note for 30 August 2009) the EGS Reunion Website remains "frozen" at the time that Doug Robertson left it. Some thought is being given on how to replace and update it and it is possible that this can be done by creating a new version that links into the pages that Doug left behind. This is being followed up by myself and Dave West (who is currently on holiday). One way or another we will be in touch with members about this and the arrangements for the next reunion when this problem is resolved!

The suggestion that I have left Dave to think about is that I maintain a new Reunion website whilst he becomes Editor-in-Chief with help from other volunteers to supply new material, and to help with the organisation of the reunion event.

(RS 30 January 2010)

Exmouth Grammar School Reunion, 2009

The next reunion will be on Saturday, 3rd October 2009 in the Manor Hotel on the Beacon in Exmouth. The event will run from 7.30 pm onwards. To book a buffet meal you will need to contact Dave West who has recently sent a letter to many on the members list on the EGS Reunion Website. Download a copy of the letter from Dave (in pdf format) - it gives all his contact details, information on how to book a buffet meal, and explains the current problems of maintaining the EGS Reunion Website.

(RS 30 August 2009)

More Names added to 1958 School Photo

I have just added some 40 names to the 1958 school photograph. These were sent to me recently by David Crowe. David and his family lived just up the road from my family in Capel Lane, Littleham and went to Littleham Church school, as I did. After leaving EGS he went to study economics in Salisbury (now Harare) in Rhodesia and graduated in 1965. He has been in Africa ever since. He moved to Johannesburg in 1970, got married to the girl he had met in Salisbury then returned to Salisbury in 1971, where he stayed for the years up to 1980 during the time of UDI by Ian Smith.

He returned to S Africa in 1984 and subsequently took over some of the responsibilities of the retirng MD of a metals mining company in Botswana and has ended up in Johannesburg (managing the base metals part of the business) after spending some years in Botswana and Durban.

(RS 9 November 2008)

After Rembrandt

The Dutch artist, Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, painted a large number of self-portraits throughout his life. According to Microsoft ENCARTA - "the later ones in particular are noted for their psychological depth and the artist's technical skill in the use of chiaroscuro." I once saw a television documentary in which in all, about 80 portraits were shown. Inspired by this I have now added portraits of myself! These are all photographs and include several taken for visa applications - the ones that were not good enough to send off!

You can see them by clicking on MORE on the home page.

Additional personal photographs can be accessed via a password protected page. Most of these were set up several years ago for access by friends and relatives. Click on this link to get at them! The password is "rodney" (without the inverted commas)

(RS 14 September 2008)

1957 School Play - St.Joan

David Whitton has sent me a PDF version of the programme for this memorable play performed in 1957. Because of space limitations I have created a graphic of the cast list only. It contains a lot of names familiar to me, but I do not know if any of the "luvvies" went on to even greater achievments in a theatrical career.

(RS 15 April 2006)

The 1952 and 1956 School Photographs

The school photographs for 1952 and 1956 can be viewed by looking for the links on an extended list of photographs on the 'Home' page. I am immensely grateful to John Crocker (1952 - 1958) who not only sent the originals from his home in Australia but managed to remember so many of the pupils and identify them in a list that must have taken many hours of hard work to compile.

John might be remembered by his contemporaries as the notorious record holder for the "most number of conduct marks in a session", particularly if those contemporaries spent some time in Saturday morning detention! Now I cannot remember the conduct mark system or the existence of Saturday morning detention, probably because I was so well behaved! Subsequently the record was "possibly" wrested from John by a Terrence Baines. Again, those who remember Saturday morning detentions at the time may be able to confirm this. Otherwise I apologise to Baines and unreservedly withdraw the allegation!

What I did remember, as I was typing in and correcting all the names provided by John, was that I did have to write lines occasionally. This was because I took the blame for other pupils bad behaviour! There was a time when Bill Bevan came to my desk and accused me of making a wolf call at the end of a class when all the class opened desk lids to change books. He started hitting me across the head but stopped immediately I stood up (I was taller than him) and protested that "it wasn't me, sir!" (Phil Bamsey should remember that incident!)

John has yet to supply me with anything about his life after school so I do not know for sure whether rumours about his relationship with kangoroos are reliable.

The 2003 School Reunion

I turned up at the Manor Hotel on 4 October for this year's school reunion. I expected to see a few faces I recognised and was not disappointed. I will only mention two people I met that I was especially pleased to see - Barbara Pike (see the 1955 1st VI tennis team) who lived at the bottom of Capel Lane in Littleham - and Peter McMillan, who was at EGS over the years 1932 - 1940 (see below).

Viewing JAVA Applets

If you do not see some of the photographs, such as those at the top of the list of photographs on the 'Home' page, your web browser has not got a JAVA Virtual Machine 'plug-in'. This is needed to show Java Applets. Ask a nerdy friend (or your grandson) to help you get one - or you could contact me and I might be able to help.

A few more names were added to the 1952 photographs by my brother, Terry on 11 January 2004.

(RS 30 November 2003)

Exmothiensis - the School Magazine

The school magazine was published 2, 3 or 4 times a year from the early 1920s until 1960, and then once a year until 1967, when Exmouth School was formed from the Grammar School and the boys' and girls' Secondary Modern Schools. During a recent visit there were still quite a number of copies from the 1920s to 1940s stored in an upstairs room in 'The Grange' - now used mainly as an administration block for Exmouth Community College - but only two copies from 1950 onwards; one December 1955 and the other for 1967, featuring photos of the 'funeral' march. Others copies were said to be in the 'Exmouth Museum', but none materialised.

There are four people to thank for the extracts from Exmothiensis - Moira MacDonald, Joy Price and Sylvia Page of Exmouth Community College - who allowed me to search through the upstairs room in 'The Grange' and made a photocopy of the December 1955 edition - and Des Squire (1952-59), who loaned me copies of original magazines for 1954-60.

(RS 16 December 2002)

Exmouth Grammar School Reunion

The next school reunion event will be held on Saturday 5th October at the Manor Hotel, Exmouth. For details and the latest Newsletter visit the EGS Reunion Website.

(RS 16 August 2002)

1961/62 Hockey Team

Thanks to Carole Searle (nee Lawson) for supplying the photograph of the 1961/62 1st XI hockey team, and all the names of the players. Carole is the one on the extreme right of the front row.

(RS 26 June 2002)

1958/60 School - Albums

The albums have been created from the 1958 and 1960 school photographs - the latter provided by Edna Barlow. There are teachers and other staff whose names I don't remember - nor do I remember their faces! Please let me know if you can identify them as well as any of the pupils. I will create additional albums with the help of former pupils if they will identify themselves and their contemporaries from the 1958 school photograph.

(RS 1 June 2002)

1966 Teachers Photograph

This photograph and the names of the teachers shown were provided by Mrs Edna Barlow, sister of Miss Bardens.

(RS 14 May 2002)

1958 School Photograph

The 1958 school photograph was scanned from an original provided by Richard Cooper (photo 1958). Richard, who attended Exmouth Grammar School from 1957 to 1964, now lives in East Sussex.

The photograph was scanned in 6 overlapping parts. Each part was then divided in 12 - also overlapping - in the form of an approximate grid of 4 cells by 3 cells. These latter files retain the original resolution when the photograph was scanned, but to reduce the size of each file, and therefore the time it takes to display, all were converted to 'grey-scale'.

The names of individuals have been added wherever we are reasonably certain of them. There are many others whose faces seem familiar, but whose names we cannot remember, including some of the teachers. Please help us identify them.

N.B. Those, other than PC nerds, may wish to be reminded that links can be opened in a separate window by 'right clicking' the link and making the appropriate selection from the menu that appears. Opening each part photograph in a separate window may be found a more convenient means of exploring the higher resolution photos for that part than via the 'frame' view.

(RS 25 April 2002)


From Peter McMillan (photo 1938) : -

Exmouth Grammar School (EGS) was founded in 1922 (or thereabouts) as The Exmouth Secondary School. The house and grounds where it was situated was known as "The Grange" and the school was known as "The Grange School". It was changed to EGS sometime in the 1920's - I do not know when the ghastly name of "Community College" was given. It is on a par with "Peoples Palace of Culture".

Mr D'Arcy Hughes #   Headmaster
Miss Dorothea Flemming #   Headmistress - French
Mr D Civil # Mr Civil Maths. The most respected and reveared member of staff. A fine man.
Miss Phyllis Bardens Spitfire

From Edna Barlow: -
"Phyllis Bardens was senior mistress at the school when she retired in 1969, just as the school was going over to Comprehensive. Sadly she died in 1983. She had come to the school at the beginning of the war from Rochester. The history master at the time was called up and D'Arcy Hughes the headmaster asked her if she would like the job until such times when the chappie came back. As it happened he did not want to return to the school so that of course suited her."

Mr H Heath # Bullo English Literature. He tried to give us a liking for- and respect of -English Literature. A task akin to putting toothpaste back into the tube. "Bullo" had been wounded at La Boisselle on the Somme in 1916. He was a gentleman.
Miss Mable Battle   Latin. A talented and able teacher.Left in 1938.
Mr H Bamphfylde Harry Woodwork.He would box ears should such action be required. A somewhat distant man but would be very helpful to anyone showing interest in using tools outside the classroom.
Mr Visick Tom Physics and Maths. Joined the communist party in the 1940's and left EGS.
Mr Morris   History, PT and Games (not cricket). A breath of fresh air who arrived in 1937 and left to join the army in 1942. He returned briefly after the war and moved to a school on the south coast.
Mr Samuel Goodman Benny Maths. Arrived in 1937 and took the lower forms.
Miss Connie Timms   English/RI
Miss Dorothy Morgan Morgie Botany. A fine teacher who became headmistress. Undervalued.
Mr Earp # Prae (Get it?) Geography. Could easily be tempted to tell the class of his experiences in the 14 - 18 war. Took a group for a tour of Flanders in 1937.
Mr Milton Pansy Arrived in 1936 and made form master of 2B, a group who made "(Just) William" look like "(Little Lord) Fauntleroy". Left in 1937.
Mr Scanes Popeye Art. Came in 1936 with Pansy and stood no nonsense from anyone, not even 2B. Left in 1938 to everyone's relief.
Mr C P Driver Dan (Perc) Art. He messed up the school cap and introduced rugby.
Miss Bartlett   Taught PT and games to the girls. Left in 1938 and later ran the family planning unit in Exeter.
Miss Lee Flea Only took the 1st form girls.
Miss Pocock   Domestic Science. Did quite a good job on my sister.
Mr C Walker Johnny Botany/Biology/Chemistry
Mrs A Heath (Bullo's wife) None (we were too polite) In charge of the "Prep". Tried to make little gentlemen of nasty little boys aged 6-10. The veneer of manners soon rubbed off when the little boys went up to the "Big School".
# These were at the foundation of Exmouth Secondary School, later to become Exmouth Grammar School in 1922.

Peter McMillan (photo 1986 reunion) attended EGS from 1932 - 1940. From 1932 - 1934 he was in Mrs Heath's "Prep" school.

From a newspaper article, published March 1993, provided by Peter: -

Children waiting to be taught at 'the big school'

The 31 youngsters in this week's Peep into the Past had just reached an important stage In their lives. They were about to embark upon their secondary education. The youngsters belonged to the Preparatory School of the former Exmouth Grammar School, and they are pictured here in the 1933 summer term, with their headmistress, and assistant teacher. It is understood that this preparatory school was started in 1928 by Mrs A Heath, the wife of the grammar school's English master. It operated in part of the Grange, the building which housed the grammar school and was later embraced by the present extensive comprehensive school campus. This photograph has been kindly loaned by Mrs Joyce Val Davies of Douglas Avenue, Exmouth. As Joyce Davey, she was one of the youngsters pictured and has provided the names of most of the others as follows (reading left to right): Back Row: not known; Ian Laurie; Kenneth Moass; Brian Walters; Thomas Lee; Donald Hookway; Gordon Hallett; Roy Loveys; Kenneth Alford; Peter Bragg; Geoffrey Earp; Derek Webber. Middle Row: Pamela Dee; Gillian Parkhouse; Betty Hillman; Margaret Pope; Helen Davey; Joyce Davey; Mrs A Heath (headmistress); Miss W Payne (assistant teacher); Margaret Boyce; Beryl Lickfold; Sybil Boyce; Betty Micholson; Molly ?. Front Row: Robert Perry; Leonard Hallett; Not known; Not known; Christopher Thomas; Kent Tucker; James Dixon; Michael Creedy.

From Edna Barlow: -

Phyllis Bardens was senior mistress at the school when she retired in 1969, just as the school was going over to Comprehensive. Sadly she died in 1983. She had come to the school at the beginning of the war from Rochester. The history master at the time was called up and D'Arcy Hughes the headmaster asked her if she would like the job until such times when the chappie came back. As it happened he did not want to return to the school so that of course suited her.

She had started teaching in Budleigh in 1930. We had all been born in Exmouth. There is a book written by Dennis Cozens, an evacuee who went to the school and he mentions Phyllis "who because of her exuberant personality was known by the boys as 'Spitfire' and no boy refused to go into detention if 'Spitfire' Bardens was in charge."

Edna, sister of Phyllis Bardens, moved to live in Cornwall in 2000.