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Photographs taken 20 October, 1998 at school no. 435, Sestroretz, north-west of St. Petersburg, Russia (click on image to get larger, jpg version).

The Kamerton Children's Choir

The Kamerton chldren's choir was established in 1995 at school no. 435 in Sestroretz, to the north west of St. Petersburg. It is composed of some 30 children, boys and girls, in the age range of 10 to 15 years.

The children like to sing very much - they cannot imagine their lives without music!

The Kamerton choir has achieved premier recognition at many festivals and competitions held throughout the region. In 1997 the choir was asked to take part in celebrations held in Gdansk (Poland) to mark the city's one thousandth anniversary. The choir is a frequent visitor to other schools, kindergartens, sanatoriums and rest homes.

The members of the choir send their international greetings to all, with wishes for happiness, peace and good fortune.

The choir's repertoire includes Russian and foreign classical and folk music, and works by modern composers.

Come sing with us!

From choir publicity leaflet - slightly edited RS October, 1998

Leader - Tatiyana Vitkolova
Accompanist - Nedezhda Shkerina (piano)
School Director - Lidia Markovna Paramonova
tel/fax +7 (812) 437-31-00
School 435, Sestroretz, Kurort Region, St. Petersburg
189640 Russia
St. Petersburg
Tokareva St., 5

Vera's latest English class - October, 1998

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