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North East England Links

On this page are listed links to business, educational and other WEB sites located in the North East of England (Northumberland,Tyne & Wear, County Durham, and Cleveland/Teesside - see map below)

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North East of England

North East Listings

News Guardian
Local newspaper for North Tyneside
The Chronicle
Local evening newspaper for Newcastle upon Tyne and Tyneside
The Local Page
For residents of Grosvenor Drive, Kings Drive and Queens Drive in Whitley Bay.
Visit North Tyneside
"Award-winning beaches, fun family events, brilliant attractions and welcoming places to stay make North Tyneside a great choice for a day out or short break."
VIZ Magazine
Founded in Tyneside, VIZ Magazine has a sense of humour that is not to everyone's taste - but it is hilarious for those who can understand it.

Northern Stage
Creative local theatrical company based at the Newcastle Playhouse.

Alan Campbell - MP
Website of Tynemouth constituency member of parliament, Alan Campbell.

Mary Glindon - MP

Website of North Tyneside constituency member of parliament, Mary Glindon.

Gateway to Sunderland, the city situated near the mouth of the River Wear, in the County of Tyne & Wear

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